Carbon Tex

Carbon Grips Fly, Casting, Spinning

Carbon Tex :

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Carbon Tex grips are made by North Fork Composites, USA, by one of the best composites specialists.

They consist of a central core of high density polyurethane foam (FOAM) made in a nitrogen-rich environment that eliminates air bubbles that can be found in some poor quality products.

We then lay a linear graphite layer pre-impregnated in the Zero (lengthwise) direction, to add strength and better adhesion between the Foam and the outer layer. Then, we pull on a set of seamless carbon sock and bake.

By performing this step with our proprietary resins, we avoid you having to perform this tedious step, and baking guarantees a stable and consistent product.

The result is an ultra light, ultra sensitive grip, easy to ream and work, resistant to water and UV.

You can choose to varnish, or use them as they are.


REF/SKU MATERIAL LENGHT/LONG (mm) OD/DIam Ext (mm) ID /Diam int (mm)
CTFG.875375 FOAM/CARBON 22.22 18.41 9.52
CTRG3.0-375 FOAM/CARBON 76.2 26.92 9.52
CTRG3.75-375 FOAM/CARBON 95.25 27.55 9.52
CTRG7-375 FOAM/CARBON 177.8 27.94 9.52
CTRG9-375 FOAM/CARBON 228.6 29.71 9.52
CTRG14-375 FOAM/CARBON 355.6 29.71 9.52
CTFB1.75-375 FOAM/CARBON 44.45 26.92 9.52
Full Wells Fly FOAM/CARBON 170 26.78 9.72
Half Wells Fly FOAM/CARBON 170 26.78 9.72