Blank RTX-800-3L

8' 12-30LB

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longueur 8'-243cm
Model RTX-800-3L
Pcs 3
Line 12-30
Butt 14.83mm
Tip 2.6mm
Weight 156g
Action F


Blank genial Par jean-louis sebastien le January 28, 2020

Blank genial monté pour aïmara video a voir



lenght : 8' (2.43m)

3 Equal parts

size : 85cm

line: 12-30 lb

power casting (our opinion) : 30-100g

butt-tip: 14.83mm-2.6mm=Tip contrôlé

action : fast

weight : 156 grs

Advised tip size : 6-2.6
For a complete assembly kit, please refer to the "Accessories"


Blank measurement
  5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50
RTX-800-3L 15.24 14.94 14.54 14.31 13.99 13.59 13.34 13.04 12.74 12.50


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