Blank BP86400

8'6 50-80lb

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Características del producto

longueur 8'6-259cm
Model BP86400
Pcs 1+1 (butt joint)
Line 50-80
Lure (Oz- factory) 6-14
Butt 0.775
Tip 9
Action MOD-F
Peso 268g


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8'6 (2.59m)

2 piéces butt joint

Closed lenght: 179cm

Line : 50-80LB

Lure wt :6-14oz (170-400grs)

Lenght Butt : 80 cm

Action : Mod-Fast

Butt : 0.775-19.05mm

Tip : 9- 3.6mm=Tip contrôlé

Weight :11.09oz (268grs)

Advised tip : 16-3.6

NOW AVAILABLE Bushido Nano Super Composite offshore Jigging & Popping blanks. Bringing the ultimate technology to the action-angling performance of Jigging & Popping technique specific applications. Designed to reduce physical weight, add sensitivity and provide increased material recovery required for prolonged battles with larger game fish.

  • Offering tremendous strength to weight ratios
  • Ideally suited for heavy 25-30 lb. plus drag settings
  • Super Nano Resin provides hoop strength during compression under extreme loads
  • S-Glass & 30 Ton Carbon material integration increases sensitivity & material recovery
  • Up to 6 different patterns are rolled up 14 times under high pressure

Features a tip to butt X-Cross woven carbon material overlay


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