Grezzo Snapper Beast 84VS

2.13m verti 30-120gr Tenya

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Caratteristiche del prodotto

longueur 7'-213cm
Model Snapper Beast 84VS
Pcs 1
Line 7-17lb
Lure (Oz- factory) 30-120gr
Butt 10.50mm
Tip 2mm
Action MOD-F
Peso 52gr


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Snapper Beast 84VS

Lenght : 7' (2.13m)


Line: 7-17lbs

Power casting (manufacturer data) : 1-4-1/2oz (verti 30-120grs)

Butt-tip 10.50mm-2mm=Verified tip top dimension

Action :Mod- fast

Weight :52grs

Finish : Raw carbon

Advised tip size :5.5-2
For a complete assembly kit, please refer to the "Accessories"

The Snapper Beast blank comes straight from a request of the Rodhouse ProStaffers, to North Fork Composites design team. The goal was to get a blank perfectly designed for the modern sea bream fishing, about Madai, Tenya, Kabura. We choosed to use 7' lenght, 213 cm, which is perfect to fish vertically with minimalist movements, and avoid to be tired after hours of fishing.

The blank is to sort with the thin progressive blanks. It's a soft and flex tip, with a fast speed recover. That allows to get a sensitive blank, warning the fisher with the bites, and giving to the fish the feeling to be free to eat the bait, without any resistance. The blank is made in the US by NFC under exclusive Rodbuilders Republic license. Despite his flex tip, this is a 100% IM Carbon blank. 

After giving to NFC our design brief, and after validate the fiest samples in Brittany against big snappers, we shipped a blank to our team in mediterranean sea to get their thoughts. And their feedback was clear, impossible to unhand the rod !! The Snapper Beast 84 VS is the perfect blank for sea bream, for all what we called "Tai Fishing", light, sensitive, able to get around the vigilance of the big and old fishes, and to keep pleasure to fishing the smallest.



Blank measurement
  5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50
Snapper Beast 84VS 10.18 10.13 9.984 9.75 9.44 9.19 8.98 8.85 8.50 8.24







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